Delta Venus is a theatre-group that found each other in high school and theatre school. Delta Venus makes performance art and theatre, alternative cabarèt, parties, and whatever we want.

Sara Melleri (director, performer, showgirl) invited her friends who she adores and who she’s studied and worked with, to fulfill her artistic fantasy and make it theirs. She directs the first pieces, but Delta Venus can invite other performers and artists to make stuff, and power shifts and changes within the group. We are are into trash, club-culture, intersectional feminism and freedom.


“Let me be your fantasy” - a variety show at Kiasma 8.6.2019 at 8pm

Delta Venus Radio on F/Symposium (Helsinki Festival/Juhlaviikot) 17.8 - 22.8

“Betty Ford Clinic” is our next play, and it will premiere in the Spring of 2020

Painting: Inkeri Virtanen

Painting: Inkeri Virtanen